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Ti-89 Titanium Manual

Ti-89 Titanium Manual

Nothing like titanium, right? When you use this word, people always get the same associations: toughness, quality, strength and so on. Naming your product Titanium will help give it an aura of invincibility – all that’s left is to make sure that the manufacturing is up to speed.

We’ve already said that products named Titanium better be tough and durable, but does the Ti-89 Titanium live up to its name? This graphing calculator is a little dated – it was released in 2004, which feels like ages ago by now. It might as well have been in another century, but that’s not to say that it has to be outdated, depending on how its competition has been faring and how much demand for the services it offers has changed.

The Ti-89 Titanium Graphing Calculator by Texas Instruments, part of their so-called TI Education suite, still does what it’s supposed to – it has sixteen apps and a USB port together with a cable included. I mean, you have to give it some slack just for that – USB was practically unheard of in 2004 and Texas Instruments really showed some forward thinking in including it in their graphing calculator.

Okay, maybe not exactly, but it’s still a nice feature to have. The calculator also has a nice design complementing its ability to do all sorts of things, such as 3-D Graphing and making use of its Computer Algebra System.

Ah, but how do you use it? It can get a bit complicated, sure, which is why we’ve included the Ti-89 Titanium user manual for you to download without hassle. DOWNLOAD Ti-89 TITANIUM MANUAL HERE

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