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Prince2 Manual

Prince2 Manual

We all know that project management can get tough – in fact, some might liken it to having your hair set on fire. For the most part, it’s about looking after the deadlines. Whoever’s above you in the corporate chain will hardly want to hear excuses about why you’re late, and is more likely to be interested in results.

Although a lot of people doing project management have no formal training, others will opt to receive an education in the field before they set out to handle projects of any size. There’s no question about being prudent – if you aren’t used to handling a team of five, ten or fifteen individuals and making sure that they’re all doing what they’re supposed to, you can quickly end up feeling overwhelmed.

This is where PRINCE2 comes in. This course has been around for ages and it strives to teach people the ins and outs of project management through a series of presentations. PRINCE2 has a lot of downloads, and training manuals are usually referred to as the Prince2 user manual.

Their subjects can differ considerably, however, and you might be disappointed to hear that most of them are distributed on a paid-for basis. In order to let you familiarize yourself with this course and learn what it can teach you, we’ve included a free manual that’s hard to find on other sites and has plenty of information on PRINCE2, project management and everything else you might want to know about this field. DOWNLOAD PRINCE2 MANUAL HERE

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