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Samsung Strive user manual

Samsung Strive user manual

If you want a phone with  comfortable design, a phone that is user friendly and a phone that can be used for all the basic things that mobile phones are used for, you might be searching for the Samsung Strive. You will still get a lot of interesting features besides its excellent performance with calls and messages. Samsung Strive is one of the best messaging phones manufactured by Samsung. With the excellent QWERTY keyboard, you can easily send all kinds of messages. Samsung Strive gives you the opportunity to send SMS and MMS as well as email and IM messages in the most comfortable manner. This compact phone is made for anyone who wants to communicate perfectly with family and friends. The signal performance is outstanding. The battery lasts long and your calls will be always heard. If you have some troubles with the usage of this phone, make sure to read the Samsung Strive user manual. The Samsung Strive is not a media phone, however. You may find the camera somewhat disappointing. Listening to music, on the other hand, is a decent experience. A SocialNet application is available, letting you check all the popular social networking sites. The SocialNet app is solid, while the overall web browsing might not be what you’d expect. DOWNLOAD SAMSUNG STRIVE USER MANUAL HERE

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